Xerxes HQ


Rütistrasse, 9050 Appenzell

Type of contract

Direct commission, 1998

Construction phase

1999 – 2000


Xerxes AG


In the west of the centre of Appenzell is a commercial and industrial area centred around Rütistrasse. This was where the new headquarters for Xerxes, an IT company, were to be located. Built with simple means and flexibility, the building had to be able to react promptly to changes in the IT industry. The simple requirements for the office workplaces and the heterogeneous context, consisting of industrial buildings, agricultural buildings and residential houses, resulted in a two-storey, abstract cubic building. More

A striking, ribbon-shaped skylight extends through the centre of the building and illuminates the adjoining rooms. An opening in a false ceiling ensures that the light reaches the ground floor. Walls and ceilings made of exposed concrete characterise the introverted spaces. Non-load-bearing wooden elements divide the open, flexible floor plan structure into smaller spaces where necessary. Wooden ceiling elements contrast with the concrete and contribute to good room acoustics.
An open larch cladding surrounds the entire volume. Movable wooden slats conceal the ribbon windows behind. An entrance portal that unites both floors makes the building appear even more abstract.

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